Girlfriend Came Out Of The Closet: What To Do

Your girlfriend just came out of the closet, so you need advice for if your girlfriend came out of the closet: what to do?  The good news is that you aren't alone in this boat, as many men have faced this issue. The bad news is, only you can make the decision on what to do. Whether this is breaking up with her, talking it over, embracing it, or resorting to temporary solitude, there is no one rule in the dating handbook on how to react. However, the advice below will hopefully help you to make an informed decision on what to do.

  1. Take a time out. Whether this is a day or two, you need to analyze how you feel and ask yourself questions so that you are more self-aware. Ask yourself questions such as what was your initial reaction or what implications of your girlfriend's sexuality have on the relationship?
  2. Educate yourself. This is the time to dispel any of the myths you have about bisexuality, such as: bisexuals can't be faithful, they are greedy, or that they are just homosexuals in the closet. Do your online research, talk to people you may know who are homosexual or bisexual, or attend a workshop on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer and Questioning issues (LGBTQ). While this may sound too scholarly, if you really care about your girlfriend and the relationship, you should invest your time in getting to know her better by educating yourself on who she is.
  3. Talk to her. Ask her how her being bisexual or gay may potentially affect the relationship. Will she date other girls while being in a relationship? Does she want to bring in a girl in the bed and have some threesome fun? Has she cheated on you with a girl? Does she no longer want to be in a relationship with a man? Communication is the key ingredient to solving this problem.
  4. Be cautious who you tell. A few of your boys may think it's hot, the rest of them may tell you that you need to drop her because she's a lying lesbian. Mixed advice might cause mixed feelings. Therefore, you want to limit the people you tell to those who really care about you, know your girlfriend, and can be empathetic. That way when you make the decision on what to do, you are certain of your decision.
  5. Stay Calm. The last good news is that you have control over the situation. Your perspective and response is key to how this situation will end. By staying calm, you are controlling the situation in a way that things do not get out of hand.
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