Girlfriend Revenge Guide

If you’re looking to get back at a particular woman who tramped on your heart, you’ll need this girlfriend revenge guide. The key is to keep your cool and avoid doing anything too insane (or illegal). The following girlfriend revenge steps can allow you to redeem a bruised ego and enact sweet revenge on the opposite sex.

  1. Rebound. If you want revenge on an old girlfriend, nothing hurts more than being forgotten. Get back out on the town and start flirting up girls. If your ex-girlfriend sees a ton of pictures of you on Facebook enjoying the company of other women, it’s an easy way to earn her jealousy and get your revenge. Don’t look totally trashed or sleazy, though; retain your dignity to show that you’re completely over her and finding plenty of good times without her.
  2. Clean it all out. Those expensive jeans she left over and forgot about shortly before you broke up? Consider them gone. If you’re in need of a girlfriend revenge guide, follow this tip and collect everything she has at your place. Try a bonfire burning for the junk she left over and sell any expensive stuff if you can. Of course, if she calls asking for random stuff, tell her you have no idea where it went. Or better yet, just ignore her messages.
  3. Date one of her friends. If you really want to infuriate your ex-girlfriend, follow this girlfriend revenge tip and hit on one of her friends. It might be difficult to get with her best friend, but try to pick a closer friend who you might have had a little flirting with prior or during the relationship. Once word gets to her that you’re hooking up with a friend, you’ll earn the ultimate revenge. Receive extra revenge points if the friend is hotter than your ex-girlfriend.
  4. Get back in shape. Relationships can be taxing, and an especially difficult girlfriend can drain all of your energy. If you’re single and looking for girlfriend revenge, focus on investing time into yourself; this will help you to not only get over your ex-girlfriend, but also to earn revenge. Everyone wants to look their best in case they run into an ex a few months or even years after a breakup. So get yourself into shape and look the best you’ve ever looked. It will pay off when you happen to see her again. She’ll feel like she was only holding you back and that you are much better off without her. Of course, all of these things will probably be true.
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