Girls With Muscles

It needs to be said that girls with muscles can still be incredibly hot. Of course, in order for girls with muscles to be hot they need to make sure they don't become so muscular that people who see them are trying to figure out whether she's a he or a she. Some of the hottest girls with muscles pop up in action and sci-fi movies because girls with muscles who are both smoking hot and can kick quite a bit of butt.

  1. Linda Hamilton Who can forget one of hottest girls with muscles of all time? Hamilton gets positively buff in the Terminator movies simply because her character has to in order to surivive. After she fights off the evil robots you'd still love to see her in a cocktail dress at the end of the night.
  2. Milla Jovovich After starting out her career as a hot hippie stoner, Jovovich has resurrected her career by playing Alice in the "Resident Evil" movies. One of the hottest girls with muscles because while she has some smoking pipes. She was also once a fashion model. Can't go wrong with that combo.
  3. Jennifer Garner While Garner has turned into almost exclusively a Rom-Com actress because she came to fame as an action hero and has the muscles to go with that role. Garner starred in "Alias" and then as Elektra in the "Daredevil" movie and definitely had some ammo for the gun show.
  4. Jessica Biel When you think of girls with muscles, Biel might be one name you wouldn't land on if you thought on it for several hours. Still, the hot young actress has got some chiseled pipes thanks to roles in movies such as the sequel to "Blade" where she played a vampire hunter.
  5. Tia Carrere While her actiing career has been largely shelved, when she was getting steady work two things were usually noticed about her right away. The first is that she was smoking hot and the other was that she was pretty solidly built. Carrere was one of the hottest girls with muscles around in her heyday.
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