Glock Pistols

If you are interested in shooting, but haven't expored the world of polymer pistols, it's time you learn about Glock pistols. These guns are not only fun to shoot and easy to care for, they also are an important part of handgun history. The Glock pistol was designed by Gaston Glock in 1980 to meet the requirements of the Austrian army. Glock had no pistol building experience, but he combined his manufacturing experience with extensive research into what met and exceeded expectations of firearms users. His pistol was revolutionary, but was not so far outside the norm to be rejected. The Austrian army adopted the firearm in 1982, and it wasn't long before Glocks replaced the Smith & Wesson revolver in many police departments around the United States. You can get your own Glock in a range of calibers, and you can learn about Glock pistols with added features in the new Generation 4 format.

  1. G17 The first pistol in the line of Glock pistols was the G17. This 9mm pistol is a service-sized pistol with a 4.49 inch barrel and a magazine that holds up to seventeen rounds in the magazine plus one in the chaimber. Several other 9mm pistols serve in the Glock famly: G19 in a compact size, G26 in a subcompact, and G34, a competition pistol with a 5.32 inch barrel.
  2. G22 Glock developed the model G22 pistol in the .40 Smith & Wesson calibur, designed to capture the US police market. This popular caliber, balanced between the heavy .45 auto and the light 9mm round, meets many police department's desire for a round with punch and a magazine with firepower. The pistol has siblings with the G23 compact, G27 subcompact, and G35 competition.
  3. G20 The .10 mm round has heavy-hitting power, and was considered for adoption by the FBI in the late 80's, but the round can feel unmanageable to shooters with small hands. Glock has made only one additonal .10mm pistol, the subcompact G29.
  4. G37 Glock rolled out their own round, the .45GAP, a shorter cartridge that shoots the same size projectile as the lauded .45 Colt. The advantage is that the grip is smaller and fits more in the shooter's hands, allowing them to shoot a harder hitting round. In addition to the service-sized G37, Glock made a compact, G38 and subcompact G39 pistol in their new cartridge.
  5. G21 Long before rolling out the .45 GAP, clock offered this service-sized pistol in .45 Auto. They produced two additional pistols, the subcompact model G30 and slimline, a subcompact with a single-stack magazine instead of the usual double stack.
  6. G31 Sig Saur created the .357 sig, a necked-down 40 caliber cartrige that shoots a 9mm or .357 sized projectile. The added punch makes for a modern round that flies fast and flat. Glock pistols in this caliber include the compact G32 and subcompact G33.
  7. Glock Generations Glock pistols are in their fourth generation with added features, including a replaceable back-strap that allows for small and large hands to operate the pistol, a dual captured-recoil spring assembly, enlarged mag release, and a new texture for added grip on the frame. The third-generation is also available, which added features like a light rail on the forend of the frame for lights or lazers.

Whichever Glock pistol you choose, you know you'll have a reliable pistol that has been adopted by professionals around the globe who go into harm's way and who must rely on their gear to bring them home safely.

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