Go Fish Rules

Learning the Go Fish rules will enable you to play the card game. Often thought of as a children's game, it is rather simple and great for young ones to learn how to play cards. Here are the rules for Go Fish.

In order to play Go Fish, you will need:

  • Standard 52-card deck
  • Other players (three to six is best; two is possible)
  1. Deal five cards to each player. Seven cards is best if only two people are playing.
  2. Beginning with the player to the dealer's left, players may ask for cards of a certain rank. The game begins by the initial player asking another player for a certain rank of cards. For instance, the player may ask anyone else, by name, if they have a 10. However, you may only ask for a certain card if you have at least one 10. Either one of two things can happen: step three if she does have the card, step four if not.
  3. If the requested player has any cards of that rank, they are given to the player. If the called on player has any 10s, she must give all of that rank to the player. In this case, the turn goes on; she may request certain cards from another player. The player may maintain the turn until step four is reached.
  4. If the requested player does not have cards of that rank, a card is drawn. A "Go Fish" is said when the asked player does not have the card. Once the card is drawn, the asked player (who says "Go Fish") may take her turn next.
  5. Collect as many "books" as possible to win. A "book" in Go Fish is defined as four cards of the same rank. Play continues until all the cards are either drawn or a player has no cards left in their hand. 
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