Go Hang Gliding

To go hang gliding, you need to first learn the basics of this activity. Once you get the hang of it, you can literally enjoy yourself for hours suspended in the air with nothing but your body movements to direct you. This might sound intimidating to someone who has never gone hang gliding, but you’ll definitely understand the basics and the appeal the first time you go.

To complete this activity, you need:

  • Hang glider
  1. Take a lesson. Before you try to go hang gliding by yourself, you should take between five to ten lessons with a professional hang gliding instructor. The instructor can give you the basics of hang gliding safety, as well as how to launch, move while you’re in the air and land when you’re ready to come down.
  2. Get ready. Before you go hang gliding, you need to check your hang glider for any defects or problems. All the wiring, bolts and other connections must be secure. Then, hook up your harness. The straps must be tight and secure to ensure safety while hang gliding.
  3. Launch. There are a few different ways to launch while hang gliding. The first is by running and flying from a cliff. This can be a little intimidating to new hang gliders. Instead, you can use an engine and propeller unit to help you get off the ground.
  4. Move your body to direct the hang glider. To fly in a certain direction, you must direct the hang glider with your body. Once you straighten out your body, the hang glider will straighten out, as well.
  5. Land the hang glider. To land, you will need to continuously descend toward the ground below. As you do so, gently push the control bar in a forward motion. Eventually, you will be able to step on the ground. With more experience, you’ll be able to stop the hang glider as easily as you can a car or bicycle.
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