Goatee Styles

For the guys that want to find out what kind of goatee styles are out there, read on. Guys have a choice between beards, mustaches, and goatees of all shapes and sizes. Goatees are generally a patch of hair on a guys chin. The way the guy has the patch of hair makes all the difference in the style of his goatee. Sometimes, the width of a guys goatee is the same width as his mouth, but that just depends on what the guy prefers.

  1. Long braided goatee This style is for the hippy at heart. You keep everything on your face shaved except for an area below your bottom lip. The patch of hair is a little more narrow than your mouth. You let it grow out until it is more than long enough to make a braid. Kind of cool.
  2. Bushy goatee Grow your goatee until it is a bit wider than your mouth. Allow your goatee to grow in as much as it can until it is full and at it's most bushy. Let it grow about six inches or longer. You'll want to detangle it a bit or you'll have dreads on your chin for a goatee.
  3. Secured goatee  Let your goatee grow to about six to eight inches. Take some ponytail holders and secure a ponytail holder about every two to three inches down on your goatee. It's up to you to get somewhat matching ponytail holders, brown or black ponytail holders.
  4. Little patch line Another goatee style you can play with is keeping your whole chin shaved except for a patch somewhat in the shape of a mustache an inch or two below your lip. This goatee style basically defines the shape of your chin while hiding any imperfections at the same time. A win-win style of a goatee.



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