God Of War 2 Titan Mode, Man With Horse Keepers Key: How To Beat

In God of War 2 Titan Mode, knowing how to beat the man with the horse keepers key can end up being one of the most difficult parts of the game. This is because the Man with the Horse Keepers Key, otherwise known as Theseus, is a very formidable opponent. He will block all but the most well timed shots, has a devastating ground attack as well as a spear that shoots magic, and can also call forth other enemies to try and distract you to your death. When playing at the highest level of difficulty, it doesn't take much for Theseus to send you back to Hades. With a few tips and a solid strategy though, you can make your way out of the battle with the man with the horse keepers key and God of War 2's Titan Mode unscathed. Relatively.

  1. Hope you like dodging. If you haven't gotten used to dodging adequately, this fight will end up giving you more of a problem than if you have honed that skill over the course of God of War 2's Titan Mode. The fact you are playing it on Titan mode should mean you've already got dodging down as an art form by this point of the game though. It will also help if you've collected all the Gorgon Eyes to this point, as more health can never hurt. Either way, make sure to dodge his attacks when he makes a move, and attack normally when you have an opening in between his movements. Save your Rage or Bane for later on in the fight.
  2. Pay attention! If the Man with the Horse Keepers Key hooks you onto his sword, make sure to get off it as soon as the directional prompt comes up, as it can cause significant damage. This can actually be a strategy though if you are paying enough attention, as anytime you get off the sword it leaves him stunned, allowing you to get a few good shots in.
  3. Don't get put on ice. After you cause some damage, Theseus will begin to throw his ice attack at you. Dodge or jump away from the ice spikes that will jut out at you and attack him some more, he will be vulnerable every time he tries to hit you with it. After he gets tired of that, he will swing to the top of the door and unleash energy orbs at you. Use your Bane to hit him with some arrows and stay out of harms way, don't worry about depleting magic as you will have a chance to refill it shortly. The Man with the Horse Keepers Key is starting to get close to the end.
  4. Minotaurs galore. Suddenly, some minotaurs will appear. Throw everything you have at them until they are dead, and you will be rewarded with a good chunk of health and magic. This will happen two more times, so you will have to think fast to avoid the man with the horse keeper keys energy blasts while fighting the minotaurs. Just keep pelting him with Bane arrows anytime you have enough magic for it, you are almost done God of War 2 and Titan mode.
  5. The end. After doing this, he will fall off his perch and hang there, prompting you to walk over to him and input him to death. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a shiny Horse Keeper's Key, and you will be able to brag about doing it all on Titan mode!
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