God Of War 3 Cheats For PS3

"God of War 3" cheats for PS3 allow gamers a fighting chance as Kratos continues his battles against the gods of Mount Olympus. Kratos has been betrayed by the Titan Gaia in PS3's "God of War 3" and now he must escape the Underworld and reclaim his glory. Cheats can make Kratos' quest for revenge easier as the mythological creatures and powerful beings stand in his way. PS3's "God of War 3" pushed the action and violence quotient to the limits as well as the enchanting women for Kratos to love when not slaying beasts. Nothing says a grand adventure than PS3's "God of War 3" as Kratos continues his epic war against Zeus and the pantheon of gods.

  1. Godly Possessions. Kratos' travels allows him the ability to find the treasures of the gods that can be equipped as cheats in "God of War 3." The list of possessions are as follows: Zeus' Eagle grants infinite Rage of Sparta; Hades' Helm grants maximum health, magic and item bars; Helios' Shield grants three times the increase of the hits counter; Hermes' Coin grants the ability to collect 10 times the sum of red orbs; Hercules' Shoulder Guard grants the elevated level of damage endured by a third; Poseidon's Conch Shell grants infinite magic power; Aphrodite's Garter grants Kratos the continued use of Athena's Blades; Hephaestus' Ring grants success on every context sensitive attacks; Daedalus' Schematics grants infnite use of items; and Hera's Chalice causes the health bar to decrease but doesn't completely drain it.  
  2. Unlock Chaos Mode. "God of War 3" is all about the challenge and knowing Kratos is all about facing the biggest and baddest foe no matter what the odds. Beat the game on either Spartan, God or Titan difficulty to open Chaos Mode, which is the highest difficulty. Go out and sharpen your skills in the most extreme mode.
  3. Unlock New Costume. Beat the entire game and Kratos will be rewarded with a new costume called "Fear Kratos" to wear in the next play through. Equip the new clothes and perform quadruple the attack damage against your foes. Note: Great power also is given to Kratos' enemies as they too will inflict quadruple the pain as well.
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