God Of War 3 Soundtrack Song List

The “God of War 3” soundtrack song list was composed through the collaboration of Cris Velasco, Mike Reagan, Jeff Rona, Gerard Marino, and Ron Fish. These guys are one of the most sought-after composers in the gaming industry and the “God of War 3” soundtrack is another proof why they are in demand. “God of War 3” is one of the best, if not the best action RPG that has been released and the “God of War” series has been making a mark as one of the best games for the Playstation. While playing the game, be sure to check these monstrous tracks to keep you pumped up:

  1. “Poseidon’s Wrath”– The title itself explains it all, this creation by Gerard Marino is one of the best songs in the “God of War 3” soundtrack. It’s fast, full of monstrous beats and drum lines, coupled with heart pumping effects. The music itself draws your feelings out to lash and kill anything within site. Kratos definitely loves this track.
  2. “The Forge of Hephaestus” – Created by Mike Reagan, this song from the “God of War 3” soundtrack is a perfect example of calm and chaos combining to form a masterpiece. The track starts out with a subtle ambience that gradually builds up after around two minutes. The choir, the basslines and stringed instruments used all jive together into one perfect ear pleasure. If you’re in for some Kratos moment when you wake up, make this one your alarm’s music.
  3. “Lure of a Goddess” – Created by newcomer Jeff Rona on the “God of War” soundtrack series, this track deserves to be playing while Kratos is out killing monstrous abominations and minions of the gods. This song has a strong backing music coupled with ethnic sounding instruments, providing the necessary energy and feeling to go for the kill.
  4. “The Lost Souls” – Not all songs in the “God of War 3” soundtrack list is power-driven. If you want to have some soothing ambient music, then check out “The Lost Souls” composed by Ron Fish. This track almost gives you that feeling of letting Kratos just walk around and appreciate the sceneries in the game.
  5. “Pandora’s Song”– Melancholy and despair are some of the best words to describe this song. Created by Cris Velasco, it starts with a solo male voice backed with a basic drum line, it slowly builds up with strings and wind instruments will make give you the chills. Probably the best song to listen while contemplating the fact that “God of War 3” was announced by its creators as the last installment of the game. Oh, that makes you want to cry now does it?
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