Going Bald? The 5 Best Medications to Stop Balding

Going bald? The 5 best medications to stop balding are widely available at stores, online, and at the pharmacy today.

  1. Rogaine is a topical steroid that slows hair loss. It is applied directly onto the scalp. Only ten to fourteen percent of users experience actual hair growth from this medication. However, a large percentage, 90 percent, has success with Rogaine slowing hair loss. This is one of the best-known and overall best medications for going bald. It is available without a prescription.
  2. Propecia is the first pill that specifically treats male pattern baldness. This works to prevent hair thinning and promoting new hair growth in men. This treatment should only be used under the care of a physician. When the user stops taking the medication for going bald, the hair loss issues usually return.
  3. Retin-A is a topical steroid that is used to treat hair loss conditions. This topical solution is best paired with minoxidil-based hair loss products, such as medicated shampoo or Rogaine to improve the absorption ability of minoxidil-based treatments into hair follicles. In many patients, this combination works as one of the best medications for going bald as it improves the overall impact of the results of minoxidil-based products than when they are used alone.
  4. Avodart slows the thinning of hair and increases the growth of hair in some men. This drug was originally used as a treatment for an enlarged prostate. The FDA is investigating the possibility of declaring this drug as an official hair treatment drug since initial clinical trials show that Avodart may be one of the best medications for going bald. In fact, it may be more effective than Propecia.
  5. EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is part of a treatment program with Just For Men. This extensive treatment involves a variety of hair and scalp treatments, hair loss shampoo and conditioners, thickening treatments, as well as other various forms of treatments. This program of medicines for going bald aims to stop hair thinning and promote new hair growth.       


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