Golden Gate Bridge Facts

If you have ever been curious about the bridge, read the following information to learn some Golden Gate Bridge facts. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of America’s most popular landmarks. Thousands of people cross it on a daily basis. It has had a long and interesting history in our country. Due its popularity, there have been many questions about different Golden Gate Bridge facts. Read the following list to learn more about it.

  1. Location – The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco, California. It is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. The bridge crosses the Golden Gate Strait, which connects San Francisco to the County of Marin.

  2. Length of Construction Time – One Golden Gate Bridge fact is that it took a little over four years to complete. Workers began to build the bridge on January 5th, 1933. Then, the bridge was opened on May 28th, 1937 for cars to drive across. However, they also opened the bridge on the twenty-seventh to have a pedestrian day.

  3. Number of Deaths – A total of eleven men died during the construction of the bridge. Kermit Moore was the first and he was killed on October 21st, 1936. On February 17th, 1937, ten more men died. They were on a section of scaffolding that fell through a safety net. Only two of twelve men on the scaffolding survived the fall.

  4. Color of the Bridge – One of the most well-known Golden Gate Bridge facts is that it is orange. In fact, it has been painted orange vermilion ever since it was first created. The color was selected by Irving Morrow, who worked as a consulting architect during the design and construction of the bridge. He chose orange because he thought the color would blend well with the warm colors of the land masses. Along with that, it was meant to increase visibility for ships that passed.

  5. Suspension Span – It is a Golden Gate Bridge fact that it has a 4,200 foot suspension span. It used to be the longest suspension span in the world. However, that record was taken over in 1964 by New York’s Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Today, the record is held by the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge that is in Japan. It has a suspension span of 6,535 feet.

  6. Maintenance – Another well-known Golden Gate Bridge fact is that regular maintenance is required. For instance, workers have to regularly replace corroded steel. Not only that, but painting is also an ongoing process. Workers have to keep the bridge painted because the paint helps protect it from high salt content.

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