Golf How To Nip Fairway Woods Off Short Grass

With today's technology, learning how to nip fairway woods off short grass is a little easier than the days when golfers smacked the ball with a persimmon head. Still, hitting off a tight lie with a three or five-wood does require a little more skill than if the ball were perched up on a clump of Bermuda. Here is what you need to know on how to nip fairway woods off short grass.

  1. Position the ball in the middle of your stance. Putting the ball a few inches towards your belt buckle instead of towards the front of your stance will encourage a sightly upright back swing, which is needed to hit the ball first.
  2. Forward compress your hands. This puts your hands are a little ahead of the ball and encourages golfers to strike the ball first, vital in nipping fairway woods off short grass. 
  3. Put slightly more weight on your left foot (or right if you are left handed). Instead of a normal, 50/50 ratio of weight distribution, try a 60/40 ratio. This will help create a natural descending blow to help nip fairway woods off short grass.

Keep in mind, the ball will fly a little lower off a bare or tight lie.

A common mistake that golfers make when they try to nip fairway woods off short grass to help "lift" the ball up, striking the ball on the upswing and use their legs and upper arms to help hoist the ball into the air. That's no good. This will lead to tops, you know, the "worm burners" that send the ball dribbling down the fairway about 30 yards, embarrassing you.

A helpful hint: Golfers today should also embrace technology to nip fairway woods off short grass. Get rid of the anything made with wood. Select a club face that is more shallow, meaning the face is more narrow and not tall. Shallow-faced clubs, which most fairway woods made today are, also help golfers nip the ball off short grass. 

Nipping fairway woods off short grass is not easy, even for golfers with superior skill levels. Golf is hard. The shorter the grass, the harder it is to get the ball up.

So relax, go to the driving range, and try this instead of smacking golf balls off the tee, drop a few on the deck a try a few with the tips listed above. Smile and watch your ball soar into the air. 

If those step don't help you nip fairway woods off short grass, consult your local PGA pro. He may have a few more tips.

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