Golf Putting Mats: 5 Best

Looking for golf putting mats and the 5 best options available? Practicing your putting technique has gotten easier with the variety of golf putting mats that are on the market today. Many putting mats have become specialized to help you practice the putts that are most difficult for you. Whether you need practice on straight shots or around hazards, there is a golf putting mat that is right for you.

  1. Pro Circuit Electric Return Golf Putting Mat. Practice putting at home or in the office with the putting mat that sends your balls back to you. Whether you make the putt or miss it, the ball gets electronically returned to your starting position. The track adjusts from three to nine feet, letting you practice in small or large rooms.
  2. Stacks and Stacks Putt ‘n Hazard Putting Mat. A golf putting mat should replicate real playing conditions. This mat has a regulation size cup with a sand trap and pond near the hole. A great way to practice putting with visual distractions on each side.
  3. Callaway Golf Odyssey Marxman Putting Mat. Callaway golf products are known for their durability. The Marxman mat is constructed of woven carpet which is bound on all sides. It has a rubber backing to hold it flat and make it easy to use on hardwood or vinyl floors. The putting cup is smaller than regulation size and can be moved to various spots on the mat so you can practice difficult angles.
  4. Frontgate Golf Putting Simulator. Putting practice has gone high-tech with the Frontgate putting simulator. The simulator can be programmed to match your local golf course or use one of the six pre-programmed golf games based on your skill level. The software analyzes the quality of each putt. It is a highly unique and expensive putting mat for the serious golfer.
  5. Stacks and Stacks Tru Break Putting Mat. One of the difficulties of putting is the slope or the break near the golf hole. This putting mat allows you to shift the degree of the break by up to two feet. It can be set to break to the right or break to the left. The slope is set by an electronic controller, and the mat also features a water hazard and sand trap.
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