Golf Simulators For Home

Golf simulators for home can help fine tune a player's skills. With technology becoming a bigger part of sports each day, it's important to take advantage of whatever tools become available. Some of the best golfers in the world use golf simulators to improve and maintain their game, but even first time players can find the a golf simulator to be useful, and below are three of the very best on the market today.

  1. "High Definition Golf" One of the highest quality products in sports today, "High Definition Golf" is the Cadillac of golf simulators. The package comes with a computer, touchscreen, high definition projector, screen assembly, and turf. The product requires a significant amount of room, and may require dedicating an entire room, garage, or basement to it. "High Definition Golf" will provide in-depth statistics for club, ball speed, and swing. There are multiple courses to choose from, which include Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Kiawah Island, and many more, all presented in high definition. This is as real as it gets without leaving the house.
  2. "Golf Launchpad Tour" For the golfer who doesn't have a great deal of space or money for a golf simulator like "High Definition Golf", "Golf Launchpad Tour" is a far more convenient option, while maintaining quality. A simple USB port connection to a PC, Mac, or Playstation 3 is all that is needed to power the small system, which is is a simple station with a tethered ball. Statistics are provided on swing and ball speed, all measured by sensors located on the station. One of the best features of "Golf Launchpad Tour" is that it's compatible with "EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour".
  3. "EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour" Compatible with "Golf Launchpad Tour" as well as "Playstation Move" and Wii, there are plenty of options available at a lower price than a typical golf simulator. "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" is a fun, relaxing alternative to golf simulators that bombards the user with statistic after statistic. "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" is certainly for the golfer who simply wants to enjoy the game.
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