Golf Umbrellas: 5 Best

Try out one of the 5 best golf umbrellas before you let the rain discourage you from playing or watching your favorite sport. Inclement weather is part of any outdoor game. The occasional passing shower does not stop the professional players, and it should not slow down your game either. Golf umbrellas are available in an array of colors, designs, and prices. One of them is sure to keep you and your clubs dry.

  1. Nike 62” Windproof Golf Umbrella. A strong umbrella made with a fiberglass shaft and an FRP frame. The wind will not get through this umbrella. It is easy to open, and the new design prevents you from pinching your fingers when opening or closing the umbrella. The Nike logo is also printed on the front nylon panel.
  2. Odyssey 68” Golf Umbrella. A large umbrella that is able to shield both you and your golf clubs at the same time. Although it is more expensive than most golf umbrellas, it has a design that provides more depth and coverage. The rubber handle is easy to grip and when closed, it fits nicely in a golf bag. 
  3. Davek 60” Golf Umbrella. As an imported umbrella, it is one of the most expensive golf umbrellas available. The design is two-fold. It will not only shield you from the rain, but it can be used to prop up your clubs once it has been opened and set on the ground. Davek continues to find unique and new ways to utilize golf umbrellas. 
  4. All-Weather Elite Series 60” Black Golf Umbrella. You simply cannot get a better buy than with the durable yet extremely affordable Elite series. It features an auto-open button that is conveniently located on the shaft and a Velcro strap to keep it closed when not in use.
  5. Cleveland 62” GustBuster Golf Umbrella. The GustBuster can handle winds that reach 60 mph. The wind blows through the umbrella panels, but the rain stays out. This is possible because the design of the umbrella includes a 190 thread count on each nylon panel. It is a mid-priced umbrella that will last a long time and provide great coverage for many years on the course.
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