Good April Fools Day Pranks

There are a lot of good April Fools Day pranks that you may wish to try this year.  Many of these April Fools Day pranks have been around for a while but you may not have ever thought of them before.  So, this April Fools Day give these a try.

  1. Hide an alarm clock that will go off in the middle of the night in your friend’s bedroom.  This April Fools Day prank will drive your friend absolutely bonkers.  It is really easy to do too.  Simply set an alarm clock to go off at 2AM on April Fools Day then hide it in their bedroom.  The person will not only wake up but they will also have to get up out of bed in order to go find the alarm clock.
  2. Change the signs on the doors.  This is a great April Fools Day trick whenever you have push and pull doors.  Create some signs that look legitimate and say the opposite of what they should say (i.e. “push” on a pull door, “pull” on a push door).  Now have fun watching as people struggle to get in and out of these doors on April Fools Day.
  3. Trick people into thinking you are eating mayonnaise straight out of a jar.  Of course, you won’t really be eating mayonnaise; you’ll be eating vanilla pudding instead.  For this April Fools Day trick to work it has to be homemade pudding because the stuff that comes in the box is simply too yellow.  Once you have it made put it inside of a clean mayonnaise jar.  Whenever you have a group of people around you, tell them that you are hungry then grab the jar and begin eating it by the spoonfuls while raving over how great it tastes.
  4. Create a real mess by putting food coloring in the hand soap.  While this is the last April Fools Day prank mentioned here, it is definitely a good one.  Put some food dye in the hand soap that is used in the bathrooms on April Fools Day.  Make sure that the dye matches the color of the soap.  Now you get to watch as people try to scrub it off.  The more soap they use, the worse it will get.
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