Good Music To Run To

Need to know some good music to run to? Everyone likes different types of music, so try not to expect to see your favorite type of music mentioned because most people have lots of different opinions about good music to run to. Here are a few general statements about good music to listen to during your workout.

  1. Listen to something up-beat. Since you're going to be running while listening to music, you'd want to listen to something up-beat or fast paced. This helps with motivation during your run and helps you keep up with the beat of the song and music. This also helps you develop momentum and a breathing pattern because you would be running at a constant rate.
  2. Music with happy moods. Try to avoid sad and depressing songs. This could ruin your motivation to keep running and make you feel like quitting early. Instead, listen to songs with happy themes or music that sounds happy even if that's not its intentions. Obviously, this will put you into a more cheerful mood, which in turn will make you feel like running even more!
  3. Try to listen to your favorite type of music. This is completely up to your own preferences. However, try to avoid rap music and hip-hop music. Usually, they aren't very motivating and could even be foul. Unless you absolutely want to listen to rap and hip-hop while running, try to avoid it. Try to listen to rock and roll or Celtic music. Rock and Celtic is proven to be a lot more motivating and probably more upbeat as well.



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