Good Pump Up Songs

Whether it’s for working out or just getting out of bed in the morning, we all need a few good pump up songs sometimes. You need to feel the blood raging in you, get your adrenaline popping and your heart beating. We all need soundtracks to get our game on or for going for a jog or even beating your scary boss’ deadline. Here’s some of the best pump up songs that you can listen to anytime you feel like you need some extra energy to back you up:

  1. “Eye of the Tiger” – This song always gets people to rumble. You can take this heavy rockin’ groove by Survivor whenever you go out running, and yes, it can always makes you feel like Rocky Balboa getting ready to fight Godzilla. It always—always, without fail—gets people pumped up for anything. Literally. A meal, a shower, a bus ride…
  2. “Down With the Sickness” – Disturbed are known for their adrenaline-filled, machismo-laced, head-banging tunes. “Down With the Sickness'" iconic intro (OWAH-AH-AH-AH!) gets you pumped to the extreme. People who listen to this song while doing a paper can end up typing everything in CAPS with their faces scrunched up all intense. It can even get people excited about economic systems.
  3. “Til I Collapse” – Eminem has always been a pretty intense guy (more or less), and “Til I Collapse” is definitely not the least intense of his songs. It will have you pumped up “Til the roof comes off, ‘til the lights go out.” Most definitely, you’ll “rip [that] shit ‘til your bone collapse.” For real.
  4. “Cigaro” – Rocking out and pumping yourself up has never been easier with this eardrum-breaker of a song from rock band System of a Down. The jaw-dropping beats and riffs might even make you lose control of your bladder—that’s how pumped up you’ll be. You might even riot.
  5. “We Will Rock You” – This is a masterpiece for a Roman coliseum—and we’re not just saying that because we saw the Pepsi commercial (you know, the one with Britney, Pink and Beyonce?). There’s something about stamping feet, a chorus of determined chanting, and Freddie Mercury that just gets you all pumped up to bite a lion’s head off. ROAAR!
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