Good Quotes From Songs 2011

If you are seeking good quotes from songs, 2011 is a year where vivid verses span across various genres including hip hop, pop, and alternative rock. Even icons such as Paul Simon are still writing incredibly quotable song lyrics in 2011. Enjoy these segments from maestros of the written word with five clever quotes from songs released in 2011.

  1. Paul Simon: "So Beautiful, Or So What" "Ain’t it strange the way we’re ignorant. How we seek out bad advice, How we jigger it and figure it. Mistaking value for the price. And play a game with time and love, like pair of rolling dice." Paul Simon continues to work his poetically prophetic magic in 2011 with this song that is also the title of the album it stems from. He tackles the cliché that "ignorance is bliss," questioning why people prefer to disregard the truth. Why risk losing the things that will ultimately mean the most to you by taking a gamble on guilty pleasures?
  2. Pharoahe Monch "The Hitman" "But these eleven and half shoes, you can't fill those. I made head lines/headlines like corduroy pillows. And probably get banned from television and marketing, targeting music industry politics, provokin' it." Pharoahe Monch makes no apologies for his honesty with this quote from his album "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)," released in 2011. His clever reference to headlines in the newspaper and "head lines" formed from pressing your face against corduroy material is refreshingly unexpected. He is clearly tired of seeing recording artists have their talents exploited.
  3. TV On the Radio, " Caffeinated Consciousness" "In severed light, our souls are damaged. And with that caged, to the cause of light. Now I can see, another language. Gone optimistic, we're gonna survive." Fans of that soothing first cup of coffee in the morning will feel an affinity for this song title from TV on the Radio's 2011 album "Nine Types of Light." But this song quote isn't about a liquid "wake-up call" from Starbucks. It deals with the battle between optimism and pessimism in people's daily lives. When you are unable to see your blessings, your lack of appreciation leads to an unnecessarily dim outlook on life.
  4. Lupe Fiasco "State Run Radio" "We interrupt this broadcast, to bring you this special message about the forecast. The future's cloudy and it's raining on the poor class. Road to peace is closed, heavy traffic on the war paths." This crafty quote from Lupe Fiasco's 2011 album "Lasers" deals with the media's portrayal of current events. The heartbreaking effect that poverty has over human beings continues to grow and ruin the future of society. Death and despair continue to mount up instead of a sense of communal support overriding selfish greed.
  5. Adele, "Someone Like You" "I heard that you're settled down/That you found a girl and you're married now/I heard that you're dreams came true/I guess she gave you things I didn't give to you." Adele addresses that painful experience of not having emotionally moved on from an ex-lover, while they are embarking on a new relationship. Her quote captures the exasperating disillusionment that derives from comparing herself to her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend – tallying up flaws. This song from Adele's 2011 album called "21" is a complex love letter to someone she still loves, despite his heart being currently possessed by another woman.



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