Good Running Songs

What could be more fun than some good running songs, especially if you are tired of listening to the same old songs. If you really want to get your blood flowing and heart pumping, don't fail to download these hot tunes into your MP3 player the next time you are going out on a run. Whether you are a fan of hip-hip, pop, rock or whatever your style of music is, these universal songs are ideal for any runner.

  1. "Like a G6" by Far East Movement Don't be afraid to throw in some fun club music while you are running, even if you aren't the club person. This is a good running song ideal for drills because the beats are fast paced and the entire rhythm of the song is so hot that you will exert more energy than you normally do.
  2. "Loca" by Shakira Get ready to feel sexy while you are sweating up the hill with this sizzling hot song. The rhythm has an ideal pace if you are cooling off.
  3. "Get Ya Cock Out" by Rusko Add this song to your playlist the next time you go running and you'll be certain to fall in love with it, especially if you love electronic or dubstep music. The fusion of unique electronic sounds is what makes this the perfect song to run up a hill or to warm up.
  4. "Like a Stone" by Audioslave While this is an older song compared to the other songs on this list, it's still a good running song, especially if you enjoy sleek rock songs. The pace is also much slower than the other songs on this list, which is why it's perfect when you are in the middle of your running workout after you get your heart pumping.
  5. "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" by Darkness Motivate yourself to run that extra mile with this exotic, sensual song. This is the perfect running song for any running workout.



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