Good Screamo Bands

Before knowing about good screamo bands, you first you should known what screamo is. Screamo is a more hardcore form of emo, appropriately so since it's a genre of music that evolved from hardcore punk. One of the major characteristics of this genre is the presence of screeching screams, oftentimes chaotic dynamics, and very emotional lyrics that that tend to revolve around anger. Screamo bands are often known for their energetic performances, and that is one of the characteristics that make a band good. For those who are not familiar with this genre, some good screamo bands to listen to are the following:

  1. I See Stars: This is an American band that was formed on 2006. As typical for screamo bands, they incorporate screams into their lyrics, but what makes them stand out is their incorporation of electronica. This band also goes back to its roots on hardcore-punk, giving it a varied musical feel. As for their use of voice synthesizers, it might surprise others that it actually adds to their music rather than detracts.
  2. The Devil Wears Prada: First, this band is not referring to a movies. The Devil Wears Prada is a screamo band who has excellent high screams in their songs. They stand out from many other bands becomes their lyrics stay away from the common structure of verse, chorus, verse.
  3. Bring Me the Horizon: Despite being a British band, they are also signed to the U.S. record, Epitaph Records. This band is best known for their screamo song, "Chelsea Smile." Like many screamo bands, their emo ties show through their music. This is most evident in their album, "Suicide Season."

Other good screamo bands to take a look at are: Skylit Drive, My Hero is Me, Sky Eats Airplane, and Spoken.  

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