Good Songs To Dance To

Looking for good songs to dance to? Well, good news, because we've got a list for you right here that will have you dancing in no time. Songs that are good to dance to are tunes that can keep you and everyone else interested and ready to move and shake when they start playing. Ready to find out what the best songs to dance to are? If so, continue reading so that you can get out there and shake it!

  1. "Around the World"- ATC This German eurodance song released in 2002 has been a dance hit for over a decade. No matter what type of music you like to dance to or what type of party you are having, "Around the World" will get everyone in the dancing and moving kind of mood.
  2. "Ridin' Solo"- Jason Derulo The perfect song to get your dance moves going, "Ridin' Solo" is a 2010 R&B and electropop hit. It's one of those tunes that you just can't resist once hearing it, and it gets the mood going for a great dance party in no time. 
  3. "Letting Go (Dutty Love)"- Sean Kingston Released in 2010, "Letting Go" is the ultimate dance song for anyone who loves to get out there and move it. Soon after the song's release, it became an instant hip hop and reggae fusion sensation that all types like to dance to. 
  4. "Hips Don't Lie"- Shakira Your hips won't lie when you play this song, as you won't be able to sit still. You'll be out there shaking your hips like Shakira in no time, as this song is the perfect dance tune to get the party started.
  5. "Party in the USA"- Miley Cyrus It wouldn't be a complete list of good dance songs without Miley Cyrus thrown in. "Party in the USA" does just what the title of the song suggests, and gets everyone ready to party, dance, and have a good time. 
  6. "Gold Digger"- Kanye West "Gold Digger" was a huge hit back in 2005, and those who love to dance can easily get started when they play this sensational R&B dance tune. When you are looking to get down, just pop in some Kanye West and get out there and show the world what you've got. 
  7. "Hot N Cold"- Katy Perry This fun dance song will definitely get you hot when you hear it, and hot after dancing uncontrollably on the dance floor. "Hot N Cold" is the ultimate dance pop song that suits all kinds of dancers out there. 
  8. "Baby Got Back"- Sir Mix-A-Lot Back in 1992, the music and hip hop/dance scene was taken to a new level with this one-of-a-kind hit. Maybe you like big butts, or maybe you don't, but it's certain that "Baby Got Back" will have you dancing and shaking your stuff pretty fast. 
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