Good Truth Or Dare Questions

There are all kinds of good truth or dare questions that can seem inappropriate, but they fit right in to this game. Good truth or dare questions make the person wish they had take the dare instead of having to tell the truth. Have your list of good truth or dare questions ready when it is your turn to ask.

  1. "Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex on the lips?" To a guy, this not only one of the good truth or dare questions, this is the start of every dream he has ever had if it is being asked to a girl. This is one of those good truth or dare questions that, if the person pauses, then the rest of the group is suddenly very interested in the answer.
  2. "Have you ever killed a person?" How can this be a good truth or dare question? It plays right into the very essence of the game. It is a question that you would expect most of your friends would answer negatively, but you never know who wants to be a joker. You also never know who is joking and who could be telling the truth.
  3. "Have you ever laughed at someone who was in pain?" A good truth or dare question tries to make the person you are asking feel uncomfortable and reluctant to answer. We have all, at one point, laughed at someone in pain. But, when you are faced with recalling the event as a question in truth or dare, it can sometimes become embarrassing and shameful.
  4. "Have you ever cheated on your significant other?" This is the perfect truth or dare question, especially if the significant other is playing the game. This is the kind of question that you will probably never get an honest answer to, but you can at least make someone squirm for a while. Making people uncomfortable is the point of good truth or dare questions.
  5. "Have you ever stolen anything?" This question always causes all kinds of problems. People that answer honestly can sometimes change the way their friends look at them. Trust can be broken among friends by answering a simple truth or dare question. This question also creates some really good stories when people try to justify their positive answers.
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