Good Workout Songs

Good workout songs are essential for a successful fitness routine. Music is a terrific motivator, and a good soundtrack can help you finish that last rep or run that extra mile. If you’ve got workout songs like these on your playlist, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

  1. “Disasterpiece” – Slipknot. Heavy metal was never the same after Slipknot hit the scene. Their 2001 album “Iowa” is full of angry, energetic songs that push the boundaries of the genre. This workout song encapsulates that anger and energy with its gyrating rhythms and testosterone-laden vocals.
  2. “Twinz (Deep Cover ‘98)” – Big Pun featuring Fat Joe. Featured on the 1998 album “Capital Punishment,” this song showcases Big Pun and Fat Joe’s lyrical prowess. The lines are stuffed full of bravado that can help fuel your workouts. It’s a good song for endurance training as well. The rhythm fits well with a brisk jog.
  3. “Mouth For War” – Pantera. Few workout songs are as raw as this 1992 tune. First seen on the album “Vulgar Display Of Power,” it’s a nonstop onslaught of guitar-centered groove metal. It’s a perfect song for heavy weight training. The gritty vocals and fist-pumping tempo will motivate you to add a few more plates to the bar.
  4. “Lose Yourself” – Eminem With its steady crescendo of intensity, this workout song is a wonderful motivational tool. Released on the soundtrack to the 2002 film “8 Mile,” this song has become a workout staple thanks to its engaging rhythm and inspirational lyrics of self-confidence.
  5. “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns N’ Roses. When it comes to workout songs, you can’t go wrong with Guns N’ Roses. This 1987 single from the landmark album “Appetite For Destruction” is the band’s most workout-friendly song. The screaming guitar riffs and chaotic vocals make for a stimulating addition to your soundtrack.
  6. “Arise” – Sepultura. If you like your workout songs to be stark, uncompromising metal masterpieces, you can’t do much better than this song. Released in 1991 on the album of the same name, it’s a full-on assault to the eardrums, with a quick and relentless rhythm that’s sure to pump you up.
  7. “Fuel” – Metallica. If your workout is running long and you’re low on energy, there aren’t too many good workout songs that will get you back in the game like this one will. Featured on the 1997 album “ReLoad,” this song is a gasoline-powered tale of speed and energy that easily translates to your workout.
  8. “Beautiful Disaster” – 311. Compared to a lot of workout songs, this 1997 single is relatively tame. It’s a mid-tempo alternative rock gem, and the best thing about the “Transistor” album. This song is most effective for endurance training, as its smooth and steady rhythm is an ideal distraction during a long cardio session.
  9. “100 Miles And Runnin’” – N.W.A. First seen on the 1990 EP of the same name, this song is a frantic and upbeat tale of a cross-country sprint. Its subject matter lends itself well to a workout. The speedy tempo and lyrical analogies fit right in with a brisk jog.
  10. “Type A” – Zebrahead. Underrated pop-punk band Zebrahead doesn’t see much action on workout playlists, but they deserve your attention when it comes to exercise motivation. This song, from the 2003 album “MFZB,” is a bare declaration of angst. Its hoarse vocals and frenzied, guitar-heavy sound are the perfect soundtrack to a weightlifting session.
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