Good Wrestling Conditioning Drills

If you're serious about sports, you need the following good wrestling conditioning drills. Good wrestling conditioning drills will improve your strength and form so that there's a smaller chance that you can fail once on the mat. Considering that wrestling ensures that athletes are paired up by weight, some good wrestling conditioning drills are really what make the difference between victory and defeat.

  1. Foot Fire. As a former high school wrestler, it is in this writer's personal opinion that this is, indeed, one of the best wrestling conditions that one can do. Get into your wrestling stance, crouched slightly with your feet shoulder-width apart, and start to quickly run in place, ensuring that your feet get no higher than an inch off the ground. At random intervals, kick your feet out behind you and fall to the mat. Afterwards, get back up, run in place as normal, and do it again. This will not only get you more experienced with the feeling of slamming down to the mat, but it will condition you to kick your legs out behind you when someone goes for a standard leg grab.
  2. The Head Roll. Get on your back and start doing crunches; after every ten, get on your back and walk your feet to your head and flip your body onto your stomach. Flip yourself over and repeat this process until you have finished ten sets. This will both strengthen your core and get you more used to how to flip yourself over should an opponent get nearly close enough to pinning you. In a list of good wrestling conditioning drills, this is indispensable.
  3. Penetration Step. One of the core wrestling movies is to shoot for the leg from the neutral position. This is a good wrestling conditioning drill because it can be done by anyone at any experience level. Get on one side of the mat, perform the leg penetration move, and get back up. You may notice that you've moved a little forward by performing the leg penetration, so simply keep doing the move, switching your leg each time, until you reach the other side of the mat, after which, you simply turn around and keep going for that imaginary leg once again until you reach the other side of the mat. 
  4. Stand And Deliver. This is one of the good wrestling drills that requires two people. Have one get onto the bottom position while the other gets on top, gripping him around the waist. The one on the bottom should throw his arms up and twist his waist, standing up while pulling his arms down to give him more power. Should he succeed, he'll be standing up and should have broken the other wrestler's grip. Switch positions and repeat this drill, increasing the grip around the waist a little more each time. This is one of the best wrestling conditioning drills because it strengthens the legs, the grip, and teaches one how to get out of one of the most difficult starting positions in the sport.

It should be noted that, no matter how many good wrestling conditioning drills you do, don't ever do any of them without proper supervision. Moreover, you cannot do any of these good wrestling conditioning drills without the proper safety equipment, such as headgear, a mouth-guard, and a good, solid wrestling mat. 

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