Good Wrestling Drills For Beginners

If you're still a little anxious about getting onto the mat, you need to try out the following good wrestling drills for beginners. The simple yet effective nature of the following exercises make them some really good wrestling drills for beginners. To reinforce your core wrestling abilities while increasing your strength, be sure to try out these good wrestling drills for beginners.

  1. The Head Roll This is one good wrestling drills for beginners because it makes you comfortable getting your back off the mat. Lie on your back and walk your feet towards your head. When your back is arched, walk your feet to the side so you will flip over and be on your stomach. Do about ten push-ups and repeat for three more reps. This is one of the best wrestling drills for beginners that teaches you a core maneuver while increasing your general strength. 
  2. Stand Up Drill This is a good wrestling drill for beginners for getting used to the starting position where you have a wrestler on top of you. Get into the starting position, then you throw your hands up in the air, twisting your waist as you stand up. Bring your hands down as you get to your feet to give you more momentum and twist even more so to break the other wrestler's grip. Switch positions and repeat.
  3. Through The Legs This is a variation on teaching wrestlers how to shoot for their opponents legs, making it the king amongst good wrestling drills for beginners. Lock up with your partner and shoot for his leg, but instead of just grabbing it, dive through his legs and stand up on the other side of him. Repeat this process from the back and then take turns shooting through each other's legs for about five reps on each side.

These are just a few good wrestling drills for beginners that will help you learn some basic moves and help make you a stronger athlete. Of course, don't even think about doing any of these good wrestling drills for beginners without proper supervision or wrestling equipment.



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