Google Earth Secrets

The internet is riddled with websites featuring Google Earth secrets, which usually feature some oddities in images that are alleged to be UFOs, paranormal activities, secret bases and military weapons. These secrets are often provided with specific coordinates for people to investigate. While these may be fun and interesting, Google Earth has other more useful features that users can enjoy.

  1. Street View is a feature of Google Earth that allows users to zoom in up to the street level. The user can then look into virtual images of buildings, trees and other landmarks pretty much the same way as actually visiting an area. It is expected that further improvements on the Street View might be released on Google Earth 6.
  2. Google Earth for Android is a very useful addition to applications available for Android users. This application can locate the user’s location once it connects to GPS. Furthermore, it can even track the user while driving with the view tilting a bit to show a 3D perspective as the user drives along.
  3. Google Sky Maps is also a very useful application, especially for sailors. It is available for Android devices and shows the user the location of celestial bodies, such as constellations and planets relative to where the phone is being pointed. It can even show the location of heavenly bodies that are already below the horizon giving the user a truly 3D view of the sky.
  4. Mars Viewer is also available on Google Earth. Similar to how images are portrayed on Google Earth, Mars’s geography can also be viewed using the latest images downloaded from NASA. Users can also go into the 3D rover view and see Mars’ panoramic view at ground level.
  5. Flight Simulator is a hidden game inside Google Earth. To open Flight Simulator, press "CTRL+ALT+A" while using Google Earth. If you pressed the right combination, a new window will appear, giving you options on what plane to use. The flight simulator uses Google Earth's imagery and you can even plot down flights all over the planet.



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