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To some, Google Sketchup tutorials are just a fun way to pass an afternoon with a simple program. To others, these tutorials are gateways to an entire world of design and render possibilities. Whether you like to play with Sketchup or use it every day in your career, here are ten of the best online tutorials available.

  1. Google Self-Paced Sketchup Tutorials. For the self-taught, nothing is better than being able to learn and practice at your own pace. This is a page with many self-paced tutorials created by Google themselves.
  2. Introduction to Sketchup. If you've never used Sketchup before, you may want to watch this tutorial to get an overview of the tools and how they work. Afterwards, you should be able to create simple building structures with the program.
  3. Guggenheim Sketchup Introduction. Learn how to use Sketchup and Google Earth together. This is useful for practical design and planning. Got an idea for a piece of abandoned land? Try using these two together to see if your idea works and what it might look like.
  4. Google Sketchup 8 For Dummies. This an entire series that can take you from a complete Sketchup novice to a professional designer at your own pace. While to have the book you have to buy it, there is enough information on these free videos to give you a very good base of knowledge and skills.
  5. Sketchup Mirror Tutorial. One of the most important aspects to use in architectural design in Sketchup is mirroring geometry. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish this.
  6. How to use Sketchup with AutoCad. This is more for those who want to use Sketchup in their professional life. If you use Autocad, you may just love this tutorial which shows you how to use it with Sketchup. 
  7. Building Wing Walls. There are three Ruby scripts which are used to build these wing walls. They are each provided below the video tutorial. These are really nice to add interest to a design.
  8. Soldier Course Tutorial. This shows you how to use the "copy along path" Ruby script to create a curved or decorative walkway, path, or border.
  9. CatchUp PDF. This is a 21 page tutorial/ezine produced by SketchUcation and dedicated to Sketchup. This is for the very advanced user, but some really amazing things can be created with this information.
  10. Night rendering with SketchUp Artists. This is a cool tutorial to show you an interesting lighting style in SketchUp. Create a building or an entire city lighting up the night in this program.
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