Google Voice On Blackberry

So you want to get Google Voice on Blackberry devices? Google Voice is an application for mobile platforms that has a variety of features, often used for differing purposes. Google Voice has a voicemail transcription feature that turns voicemails into readable texts, different greeting for different callers, and even the ability to make calls from your Google Voice number. If that's not enough to get you wanting this handy dandy little application, just remember that it's all free for the continental US!

You need these following items to get Google Voice on Blackberry:

  • Blackberry smart phone
  • Internet data plan (with provider)
  1. Purchase your Blackberry and data plan. If this isn't already done, go out and buy a data plan (that includes web surfing) for your Blackberry. In order to get Google Voice on Blackberry we will need to have access to the Internet via the mobile device.
  2. Start up your Blackberry. Turn on your Blackberry once the battery has been loaded and setup has finished. Wait for the mobile operating system to boot itself up prior to doing anything else.
  3. Open up the Internet. Blackberry is a brand of smart phone, meaning that it can do much more than just make calls. Your Blackberry can send text messages, load maps, and surf the web (hence, "smart" phone). A link to the World Wide Web is usually on your desktop by default, but can always be accessed by navigating to the main menu.
  4. Navigate to the website of Google Voice. For Blackberries, Google Voice is downloaded via a specific mobile website. The Google website "" has a downloadable version of the Voice app for Blackberry.
  5. Download and enjoy. Follow all of the instructions on the screen and download Google's app. It might take a while to download the application depending on one's particular system, data plan, provider, and app version.

Google Voice on Blackberry is one of the nicest applications made for the mobile interface. Not only are International calls very cheap but there's a host of other free features one can enjoy from one of the most reliable, streamlined, and technologically-advanced Internet companies out there today.

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