Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats PS3

You'll need these Grand Theft Auto 4 cheats for the PS3. You all know just how involved of a game that any of the Grand Theft Auto games are. The open ended missions and world of Grand Theft Auto games are just amazing. None more so than Grand Theft Auto 4. It has an added realism that is far unmatched by any of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles. With the added realism comes an added difficulty in maneuvering through the game. Have no fear, because they best Grand Theft Auto 4 cheats for your PS3 are right here.

  1. Your cell phone. In the previous Grand Theft Auto games, you could just enter the codes on the fly. In Grand Theft Auto 4, you actually have to enter codes into the character's cell phone. All codes are entered like dialing a ten digit phone number. You have to access the phone to enter the codes. The good news is, you can access the phone at any time, even while driving.
  2. Weapons. What's a Grand Theft Auto game without a boatload of weapons? Well this game has two different batches of weapons. Access the cell phone and dial (486)-555-0100, or (486)-555-0150 to access their respective weapons cheats.
  3. Ammunition and armor.  If you're running low on ammo, or armor, or both, simply access your cell phone. Dial  (482)-555-0100. You'll be loaded to the teeth once more.
  4. Health and armor. Catching too many bullets? Just access your cell phone and dial  (362)-555-0100 to refill your character's health and armor. You'll be like the "Terminator".
  5. Quick codes. Once you've entered a code (number) into your cell phone, it saves the number. Scroll through your cell phone until you find the word cheats. Click on cheats and you'll have them all on speed dial. Cool.
  6. Warnings. With any codes, there are always drawbacks. You won't be able to get certain player achievements after entering these codes. So, if you're one of those guys that likes to tally your score and blah blah blah, don't enter the codes 
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