Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats

"Grand Theft Auto 4" cheats are used for all game systems—Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. These game cheats are useful to advance in missions or roaming around in Liberty City just for fun.  

  1. Full health, armor, and ammunition. If your lifeline is low and your armor is damaged, repair it quickly before a deadly shooting by pressing "(482) 555-0100" in your cell phone. This "Grand Theft Auto 4" cheat code will insure you remain in excellent health and not in danger of dying. This cheat works for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
  2. Raise wanted level. Sometimes you might be in the mood for some senseless fun that will rattle Liberty City and place you on the most wanted list. To add wanted stars, place in the "Grand Theft Auto 4" cheat “(267) 555-0150” to get cops on your tail.
  3. Spawn NRG-900. This motorcycle will make heads spin due to its fast speed and give you the ability to perform awesome stunts. One of Stevie's special request of vehicles to steal, you can get it easily with the "Grand Theft Auto 4" cheat "(625) 555-0100".
  4. Spawn FIB Buffalo. Pretend to be one of the FIB's team members and drive around the city using its Liberty City Police Department computer database to find bad civilians who need jail time. To spawn a FIB Buffalo, press the numbers "(227) 555-0100" on your cell phone’s keypad.
  5. Spawn Turismo. Similar to a Ferrari, this super fast vehicle makes you appear big and powerful, even if you live in seedy areas such as Bohan. Spawn a Turismo using the cheat code "(227) 555-0147" and drive away with one of the best cars around town.
  6. Request a song. Heard a tune you like on one of the "GTA 4" radio stations but do not know the name of the artist or title? Enter the "Grand Theft Auto 4" cheat "(948) 555-0100" in your cell and within minutes, a text message will appear with the name of song and artist.
  7. Weapons. Making trips to Ammunation constantly can get frustratin,g so if you want your weapons all at once, enter the cheat ”(486) 555-0100" and get a baseball bat, grenades, SMG, combat sniper, etc
  8. Remove wanted level. Ward off cops with the "Grand Theft Auto 4" cheat "(267) 555-0100" and watch the wanted stars disappeared.
  9. Change the weather. If a rainy day has put a damper on your mood and job duties, enter the cheat "(468) 555-0100". You might get a sunny day or a day full of clouds and very foggy skies.
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