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While you were sipping coffee liquor at the mock beach on your rooftop over the weekend, your projects collected dust: We saw you sending digital SOS signals, looking for graphic design blogs. You're a creative cat. Inspiration comes easy, but you do need to impress this client and you're cringing in pain with the slightest interruption of your air space-even after popping a few aspirin (your liver doesn't like those either). A little brush up on technique and visual inspiration might raise your inner genius from its position on the couch in your psyche.

  1. Dirty Mouse is a purveyor of “visual food” from the glowing domes of your colleagues. Their digital space is straightforward and updated frequently with displays of noteworthy projects and products from graphic design students and working digital artists in graphic design. If you're moved to submit some of your own gems, rest with the icepack on your head knowing they accept non-staff submissions.
  2. The Graphic Design School blog is known to feature industry news, graphic design tutorials, projects from the shining ones amongst your colleagues and a bit of random chatter covering day to day life as a staff or freelance digital imagist. They offer enough of the good stuff to warrant regular check-ins. You might find a recommended hack here that helps you get around some of the present barriers you're facing.
  3. Ninja Freelancing's blog keeps your work cutting edge with a wide range of graphic design tools and hacks. They'll also come in handy if you're looking for a larger pool of clients. Search daily posts for recommended job boards and sites.
  4. A List Apart (ALA) offers more of an in-depth content focus. In this shmancy zone, you'll find posts analyzing basic methods, the finer points of technique selection and higher end graphic design tools coded to make your life easier.
  5. Minervity is a quirky, whimsical funland of graphic design tools, stress killers and technique-driven articles. They break their site up into easily entered sections for articles, inspiration, Photoshop, illustrator-related content, Flash, LightWave, php, css, and even channels for icons and logos. They are among the most value added and, we think, the best the web currently has to offer a site visitor who partied when the wrong project was due.
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