Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

Knowing a few grass tennis court maintenance tips can really help increase the life of your grass tennis court. Maintenance on a grass tennis court can be quite costly. If will also require a bit of time and dedication to keep the grass tennis court up to playing standards.

  1. Mowing a grass tennis court is very important for maintenance. Any grass mower will do the trick. If you have just one tennis court a lawn mower would suffice. You will need to mow the tennis court once a day for good maintenance. Grass tends to grow fast. The grass tennis court surface should be very smooth and trimmed very low.
  2. The grass will need to stay fertile for proper maintenance. Make sure that you are constantly fertilizing your tennis grass. The grass will need to stay healthy. The grass on your grass tennis court should always remain green. This is a very important part of grass tennis court maintenance.  If the grass becomes brown and dead players can easily hurt themselves because the dead grass is very slippery. Any grass fertilizer will do.
  3. The grass tennis surface should always be firm and solid. Use a steamroller to make sure the tennis surface is firm. A grass tennis court is not suppose to be as soft as normal grass. To maintain your grass tennis court, steamroll the grass tennis court once a week. You can purchase or rent a steamroller at any hardware store.
  4. In order to maintain a grass tennis court you will need water. Make sure to water your grass tennis court every single day for good maintenance. You should water the grass tennis court after every use. So if you play on the tennis court that day. You will water the grass tennis court twice. If you follow these tips you should have no problem maintaining you grass tennis court.



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