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Grateful Dead quotes have become words of wisdom for the band's legions of followers. When you read Grateful Dead quotes from their songs, you start to understand what the they believed in and why Dead-heads were so faithfully devoted to the bank. Take a look a these Grateful Dead quotes to see if they help you put the world in perspective.

  1. "A selfish heart is trouble, but a foolish heart is worse." This is Grateful Dead quote from the song "Foolish Heart" off the album "Built to Last." The Dead were not known for their studio albums, but this song became a staple of live Dead shows throughout the band's later history. The Dead were always pegged as a drug band, but a lot of their lyrics were heartfelt. In this quote, they talk about how being ignorant can be more damaging than being greedy.
  2. "When I had no wings to fly, you flew me." Much of what the Grateful Dead quotes deal with is friendship and loyalty to people that have been loyal to you. This is from the song "Attics of My Life" and acts as a retrospective to good friends that help through bad times. Robert Hunter was a poet that helped the Dead write a lot of their lyrics. This song has always been considered an homage to the people in Hunter's life that helped him through rough patches, and most of those people are in the Grateful Dead.
  3. "A box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you through." This is from the heartfealt ballad "Box of Rain" that Phil Lesh wrote about his father. It was written by Lesh, along with the help of lyricist Robert Hunter, as his father laid dying of cancer in a nursing home. Hunter used the image of a box of rain to symbolize the Earth. Hunter often said that a box full of rain was easier to picture than a globe.
  4. "A friend of the devil is a friend of mine." The Dead often called on lyricist Robert Hunter to create some of the early and memorable Grateful Dead quotes. This is from the song "Friend of the Devil" and is about a criminal that asks the Devil's help to escape from the law. The problem is that, once the criminal escapes the law, the Devil hunts him for his soul.
  5. "The shoe on the hand that fits." The first, and only, time the Grateful Dead hit the music charts was with "Touch of Grey." The song is a tribute by the band to its fans and describes some of the prejudices and difficulties the fans sometimes have to deal with. This particular quote is often seen as a play on the band's name. People who dismiss the band often say that the name is confusing. Immediately after Jerry Garcia sings this quote, he says "there's really nothin' much to it." Garcia is implying that the meaning of the band's name is different for each person and that critics should just relax and go with it.
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