Great Fish to Use as Shark Fishing Bait

shark fishing

Want to know about shark fishing bait? Fishing for sharks is thrilling, especially if you are out to nab a big one. The bait you drop needs to satisfy them more than the taste of you might. Shark fishermen use fresh bait that sharks favor. Recognize and reel in the most irresistible bait and you’ll catch that shark.


“Bonito” The folks in Florida say the elusive, hard-to-catch Bonito is primo shark bait. Spot this shark bait fish by looking for a patch of zebra stripes on its silvery surface, near its fin. Good luck hooking this beauty.


“Skipjack” Crazy fishermen, brave enough to fish for sharks from inside a kayak, use skipjacks to lure sharks. Skipjacks have widely spaced elongated stripes that run along its sides, near their bellies.

spanish makerel

“Spanish Mackerel” Good guys catch Spanish Mackerels and throw them back in waters where they’re protected. Bad guys put them on their hook, legal or not, and use them to catch sharks. Sharks love those long, skinny, polka-dotted Spanish Mackerels.


“Bluefish” Bluefish hang out in baitballs, which are areas where fish gather, swarm and get eaten. Besides having some big yellow eyes, a bluefish’s appearance is unremarkable. It’s great shark bait, and perhaps because sharks enjoy feeding on its fine, barely visible scales.

After catching suitable shark bait, don’t forget to rig your fresh bait catch tight. You need to keep other fish from highjacking your fresh shark bait. Also, your hook should be in a strategic location that will grab your shark on its tail, mouth or head.  

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