Greco Roman Wrestling Takedowns

The most unique aspect of Greco Roman wrestling takedowns (compared to many other styles of wrestling) is that it includes no attacks to the legs.  Therefore, the single leg, double leg, and many other takedowns taught to beginners in other styles of wrestling are not used in Greco Roman wrestling.  The techniques listed below are some of the most common Greco Roman takedowns.

  1. Suplex.  The suplex is one of the most dramatic and flashy takedowns in any style of wrestling, including Greco Roman.  The most common grip used for a suplex is a simple body lock , although you can also use an over-under grip, double overhooks, or a similar grip in some situations.  You can perform the throw from a chest-to-chest lock or a back control lock.  Whatever the grip or starting position, you can finish a suplex by using your legs and hips to elevate your opponent enough that you can throw  him backwards all the way over your head.
  2. Shrugs.  There are many different variations of shrugs in Greco Roman wrestling.  They are all designed to manipulate your opponent into driving forward too aggressively, allowing you to counter them by using a type of head and arm control to pull your opponent into the matt or into back control (which you can then use to set up a variety of different finishing throws).  Your footwork is important to the success of this throw; when pulling your opponent forward, step off on an angle so that they pass you by.
  3. Hip Throw.  The hip throw takedown is performed by controlling your opponent's upper body tightly, then stepping one leg all the way across your opponent's body so that they lean across your hips or lower back.  Your knees will be left slightly bent during this step-through motion; this allows you to drive upward sharply with your legs, picking your opponent slightly off the ground then flipping him head-over-heels over your back or hips so that he lands flat on his back.  Your starting grip is frequently an over-under grip, although the throw can be performed from a variety of other grips as well.
  4. Duck Under.  The duck under is performed most commonly in Greco Roman wrestling from a collar and elbow clinch.  The hand that is controlling your opponent's elbow rotates from the top to the bottom of the elbow and presses up on it sharply.  At the same time, you will bend your knees quickly, ducking below your opponents elbow (which is briefly prevented from moving by your hand) and drive forward underneath it, coming up on the elbow's far side.  This leaves you either controlling or nearly controlling your opponent's back, which allows you easily finish the move with a takedown.
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