Greco Roman Wrestling Techniques

You may not be a descendant of Greek nor Roman gods but practicing these Greco Roman wrestling techniques will definitely bring you to the pedestal of wrestling masters. Check out this guide to provide you with a glimpse on the helpful techniques commonly performed by elite wrestlers.

  1. Two-on-One (Russian Tie) Technique. This wrestling technique is one of the most controlling types of ties used. There are various ways to practice it in wrestling competitions, but they are all aimed of breaking down the offensive ability of your opponent by controlling his wrists and securing his upper arm. By applying pressure on his shoulder, you will also be able to intensify your control over him with ease.
  2. Parterre Offense Technique. To take your opponent down to the mat easily and to keep him that way, this Greco Roman wrestling technique is certainly of good use. You just have to push the opponent’s back with one of your hands while the other hand reaches your opponent under.
  3. Front Headlock. Probably one of the basic and commonly used technique in wrestling is securing a head lock. This technique is especially useful in transforming your defensive position to an offensive one. This is done by wrapping your arm around your opponent’s neck to control his head and pulling his arms off the mat for him not to being able to defend himself.
  4. Low Gut Technique. It is a sure thing that “legging” is not permitted in Greco-Roman wrestling. If you will closely observe expert Greco wrestlers though, you will realize how much they have used their legs to push their opponents down but in a discrete way. This technique basically involves clipping your opponent’s thighs with your knees and controlling his lower body. More intensive execution shall be undertaken though to be safe from penalizations from poorly-executed techniques.
  5. Straight Lift Technique. Considered as the most aggressive technique in the Greco Roman wrestling scene, the straight lift technique is commonly used by international wrestlers to gain major points. This technique is executed by limiting the movements of your opponent by securing his hips down and by pulling him off the mat. This wrestling skill is considered an advanced type of skill which requires an incredible level of strength and superior flexibility.
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