Green Mile’ Actors

Of all the great things about the critically acclaimed 1999 movie "The Green Mile," actors stand out as one of the best parts of the movie. The film boasts one of the most varied and impressive casts in recent memory. Here are ten of the most recognized "The Green Mile" actors.

  1. Tom Hanks, who played prison guard Paul Edgecomb, is by far the most recognized and admired of "The Green Mile" actors. He is perhaps best known for winning back-to-back Academy Awards for Best Actor, for 1993's "Philadelphia" and 1994's "Forrest Gump."
  2. Michael Clarke Duncan played the main character John Coffey, a death row inmate with magical powers. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the role.
  3. David Morse played compassionate death row guard Brutus Howell. He is well-known for his role on TV's "Hack," and was recently in the movie "Disturbia."
  4. James Cromwell played warden Howell Morses. He has been on many television shows, including "Six Feet Under" and "24," and recently played George H.W. Bush in Oliver Stone's "W."
  5. Michael Jeter played inmate Eduard Delacroix, notable for his pet mouse, Mr. Jingles. Jeter's last role was in "The Polar Express," which came out just after his death in 2003.
  6. Graham Greene, who played inmate Arlen Bitterbuck, was most recently in "New Moon."
  7. Doug Hutchinson, who played sadistic guard Percy Wetmore, has been in many TV shows, including "24" and "Lost."
  8. Sam Rockwell played inmate Wild Bill Wharton. He recently played Justin Hammer in "Iron Man 2."
  9. Barry Pepper, who played guard Dean Stanton, is typically known for his roles as soldiers in "Saving Private Ryan" and "We Were Soldiers."
  10. Harry Dean Stanton played eccentric inmate Toot-Toot. He is a prolific character actor who currently plays prophet Roman Grant on HBO's "Big Love."


The Green Mile

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