Grip A Bowling Ball Properly

If you are looking to learn how to grip a bowling ball properly then read on. Gripping a bowling ball is a simple process that employees common sense. Gripping a bowling ball varies by bowler but for this article we will examine the proper grip for a beginner.

  1. To grip a bowling ball properly you must first chose a proper ball. The weight should be easy to handle with your bowling arm. The finger and thumb holes should fit snug but remove easily. These two factors will go a long way in gripping the bowling ball properly.
  2. First, place your fingers into the finger holes on the bowling ball. Now, lower your palm onto the bowling ball and insert the thumb as you do. Your palm should be almost flush on the ball. There should be a small pocket in the palm between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Bring the bowling ball up to your chin. Place the other hand on the ball, near the front. The bowling ball should feel comfortable but fully under control. The bowling ball should be resting basically on your lower palm and thumb. The purpose of the free hand is to provide support.
  4. This elementary process is how you properly grip a bowling ball. The activities after you have the proper grip down include the approach and delivery. Again, grips vary as you increase your abilities based on your personal comfort and abilities as well as bowling ball delivery style.



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