Grip Pommel Horse Handles Properly

Learning how to grip pommel horse grips correctly is an important step in being able to work this apparatus. Pommel horse handles are set just off the center of the pommel horse. The handles are sturdy but not hard. Proper use of the pommel horse handles will ensure you maintain your position on the pommel horse. This article will step you through the process in simple terms.

What you will need:

  • Properly equipped and secured pommel horse
  • Hands
  • Gym pads
  • Rosin
  • Room to practice

How to grip pommel horse handles correctly:

  1. To begin, you need to understand that your hands will be moving on the handles as you work. This is important because in many cases you will remove one hand and replace it during your routine. Ensure you put rosin on your hands to keep them dry. Wet hands from sweat will almost guarantee that you will slip off the handles.
  2. Place the palm of your hands on the pommel horse handles. Your fingers should be facing away from the center. Next, wrap your fingers around and under the pommel horse handles. Place your thumbs along the length of the pommel horse handles or wrap them just slightly around them.
  3. This grip will give you stability as you move about the pommel horse. Again, you will need to lift the hands from the handles as you move and even completely as you place them flat on the pommel horse. It is important to remember to grip the handles when you return in this fashion.



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