Grip Tape: 5 Best

Every skateboarder needs to have the best grip tape in stock so they can keep their shoes firmly on the board. Not all grip tape is made the same. It is important to buy quality grip tape instead of what is on sale.

  1. CCS Color Grip Tape. The best grip tape is made by CCS and comes in pink, green, blue and clear. This skateboarding grip tape is durable and comes in a sheet of 9×33. CCS makes the best grip tape in the United States.
  2. Santa Cruz Rob Face Grip Tape. If you are looking for the best grip tape with a graphic design on it, Santa Cruz Rob Face grip tape should be your top choice. Available in blue, green or yellow, the face on this grip tape will not only keep your feet firmly planted on the skateboard, but it will make others take notice of your impressive style.
  3. Jessup Griptape. If you just want something plain and simple that will do the job, Jessup grip tape is the one you should buy. This American-made grip tape will not ruin your shoes and will stay put. Jessup is the brand to go with if you want the best grip tape for your serious skateboard.
  4. Element Logo Screen Grip Tape. Element is a well known brand of skateboarding supplies, gear and clothing. You can show your support and knowledge of the top skateboarding apparel company by using one of the best grip tapes in the industry, which has a simple, yet bold, logo printed on the grip tape.
  5. Flip Magic Mushroom Flip Tape. If you have style or if you want to be noticed for your attitude, the Flip Magic Mushroom is the best grip tape choice for you. This grip tape is not for the shy or those who do not want to be noticed because of its wild colors and in-your-face design. This is the best grip tape for the skateboarder who is outrageously bold and wants everyone to know it.
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