Grip Water Ski Handle Properly

When you take the time to learn to grip a water ski handle properly you have better control, more strength and a better heelside cut. All of these combined ensure you stay on your skis and perform to the best of your abilities. This is a grip designed for optimal power. Called the backwards hand grips, these grips are actually designed to give you the best steering advantage you can for the best cuts you can.

To grip a water ski handle properly, you will need:

  • Water Ski Handle
  1. Right Steering. For the optimal steering situation you want to have your right palm facing up and your left palm facing down on the water ski handle. This gives you the best control in forward and right steering.
  2. Left Steering. The opposite hand is correct for left steering. Switch and place your left palm facing up and the right palm facing down on the water ski handle. This provides optimal steering for the left or port side. 
  3. Smooth Transitions. It's essential to practice the transitions between these two grips to ensure you don't push your hip too far back on a heelside cut. When your hips end up behind you, you end up off level and your position is weakened. 

These are known as backwards grips because of the reverse hand-to-steering position. Practice these grips and you will find yourself stronger in your body position and heelside cut. You may feel uncomfortable at first with these hand grips. Consider practicing on land or through other methods before hitting the water, to boost your confidence.

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