Groats Syndrome

Hypochondriacs of the world, it is time to find a peace of mind before you start freaking out about a newly discovered disease that you may or may not have, because the first thing to know about Groat's Syndrome is that it is not real. Yes, that’s right. You will not find the disease listed in any true medical book on the planet, and any place you search online will tell you it is make believe. It is an entirely fictional disease that has been fabricated in the script of HBO's Emmy nominated show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."  

Groat's Syndrome, also known as Groat's Disease, is a neurological disorder, marked by excessive hyperactivity and spasticity. The major symptom of it is most easily compared to "having five cups of coffee." The condition is named after the fictitious doctor who diagnosed the disease, Dick Groat.

The disease is discussed in season two, episode five of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" titled "The Thong." In this episode, the character Rob Reiner asks Larry David to participate in a charity auction to raise money to help fight Groat's Syndrome. During the episode, it seems obvious that Larry's bad habit of speaking out of turn might be because of the disease itself.

Groat's Syndrome is brought up again in the show's seventh season during episode titled "The Table Read." In this episode, the character known as "Leon" pretends to have the disease and makes up symptoms to go along with it such as "Everything I ate tasted like peaches!" and "I forgot how to multiply".

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