Groundhog Day Activities

Like Halloween, Groundhog Day activities are not just for kids anymore, so let’s make February 2 more than for speculating if spring is around the corner or if winter will last longer. Some adults feel too many Groundhog shadows have passed them by to get into the groove, but groundhogs need to start receiving some much-deserved respect! Here’s what you do. Start by decorating your party space into two climate zones. Make the “spring” side come alive with green streamers, color-bursting flowers and hula hoops. Alternatively, hang snowflakes, snowmen (or snow-women), white streamers and sleighs on your “winter” side. However, beware; these Groundhog Day activities are not for the squeamish.  

  1. Drink the Groundhog. Before getting into the other Groundhog Day activities we have listed, one must prepare himself by knowing the facts. The life span of a groundhog is typically six to eight years; however, Phil, who is national groundhog royalty, receives a small dose of magical punch in the summer, which automatically tacks on another eight years of life for him. So, in honor of Phil, who’s up for a drinking game? Put in Bill Murray’s famous movie of the same afore-mentioned name. Each time he wakes up or furrows his brown, your guests must take a shot. Additionally, when the word "Groundhog" is uttered, same thing. Rinse and repeat until the movie is over.
  2. Groundhog Ping-Pong. What could possibly go wrong with this Groundhog Day activity? You’d be surprised. Here’s how it works. Obviously, you need a Ping-Pong table. Take the net off and position your guests on their knees on either side of the line directly facing each other. You might as well go “hog” wild and paint a groundhog face on the ball. Hey, you’re in this deep, right? Anyhow, place the ball in the center and yell, “Blow a Groundhog!” Hilarity ensues as both teams try to blow the ball to their opponent’s side of the table in order to score a point. The first side to blow the most balls off the table is declared the winner. Hurrah! Everyone gets another groundhog shot. Again.
  3. Groundhog Poke Her. By now, you’ve probably realized that Groundhog Day activities don’t have to be intellectually stimulating; in fact, it’s mandatory if they are not. Before your guests arrive, make a poking device with a little groundhog on the end. Set up a poker table and start playing your game of choice. Whoever wins the pot gets to poke someone. They have to remove one item of clothing. You get the drift.
  4. Groundhog Jelly-Up. Were you aware that groundhogs whistled when they are courting or when alarmed? It’s only fitting that all participants must whistle while playing this game. However, save this one for last, for it’s by far the messiest of your Groundhog Day activities. There are only three main rules: everyone must participate; all must whistle during the game and all must be scantily clothed. Your particular climate may not lend itself to this Groundhog Day activity, but if it is warm enough, fill the bottom of a small, rubber child’s pool with Jell-O or mud. Have people pair off by gender for a slippery dual to the finish. Each round should last for ten minutes, ending with the dominant player challenging the next winner. If it’s a draw and neither can hold his or her opponent down for two minutes, they are both winners and should go be with the others until someone wins. Of course, bikinis have been known to slide off during these playful romps; not too many will really notice if there is a clear winner or not.

These Groundhog Day activities are not meant to be over-analyzed; nor are they to be taken seriously. The idea is to have fun with friends you perhaps haven't socialized with in a while. Moreover, it doesn't matter what you end up doing, just do something. Celebrate life!

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