GTA 3 Cheats For PS2

Looking for GTA 3 Cheats for PS2? We've got all of the official cheats right here and you won't have to do anything to your game console in order to get them to work. Simply start up any saved game and enter the following cheats with your PS2 controller.

  1. Free crime. To lower your wanted level, press "R2", "R2", "L1", "R2", "Up", "Down", "Up" and "Down" on your controller. This will drop you wanted level to zero, saving you from any seedy police encounters. 
  2. Wanted. Want to increase your wanted level to the maximum instead?  Press "R2", "R2", L1", "R2", "Left", "Right", "Left", "Right" nd "Left" on your controller.  This will cause the entire police squad-helicopters, tanks, and the entire city-to endlessly pursue you. 
  3. Blood is good. To turn up the gore factor in GTA 3 for the PS3, enter in this cheat.  While playing the game, press "Square", "L1", "Circle", "Down", "L1", "R1", "Triangle", "Right", "L1" and "X".  When you shoot or knife anybody, more blood will spew out. 
  4. No more rain. To prevent it from raining-or to stop it from raining in game-enter in the sequence "L1", "L2", "R1", "R2", "R2", "R1", "L2", and "Triangle" with your controller. This will change the weather back to normal, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. 
  5. Haters to the left and right. Want to anger the entire city?  While in game, press "Down", "Up", "Left", "Up", "X", "R1", "R2", "L1" and "L2".  This will cause everyone in the city to dislike you, though they won't attack you unless provoked.  Want them to attack you instead?  Press the sequence "R1", "L1", "R2", "L1", "Left", "R1", "R1" and "Triangle" instead. 
  6. Get rich. To gain more cash instantly without finishing missions, pick up your controller and press this sequence: "R2", "R2", "L1", "L1", "Left", "Down", "Right", "Up", "Left", "Down", "Right" and "Up."  This will give you more cash, and can be repeated. 
  7. Pick me up. Running low on health?  Instead of looking for the nearest refreshment, type in this cheat instead.  While playing, press "R2", "R2", "L1", "L2", "Left", "Down", "Right", "Up", "Left", "Down", "Right" and "Up."  This will automatically give you full health.  Repeat as often as necessary. 
  8. Full weaponry. Want to gain access to all of the weapons in GTA3 for PS2?  While playing, press "R2", "R2", "L1", "R2", "Left", "Down", "Right", "Up", "Left", "Down", "Right" and "Up".  You'll gain access to every weapon in the game, fully loaded-including the bazooka. 
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