GTA 3 :How To Fly A Car Cheat For PC

With all the codes out there, learning about the "GTA 3" how to fly a car cheat for the PC is kind of silly. "GTA 3" has codes for unlimitted ammo. "GTA 3" has codes for replenishing health. "GTA 3" even has codes for controlling how the pedestrians react to your character. And you'd rather know the code to "GTA 3" for how to fly a car. Okay. Here's how to access the fly a car cheat in "GTA 3" for the PC. What a waste.

  1. Are you sure? Before the "GTA 3" car flying code is revealed to you, make sure that's all you want. You can plug in a code for all the weapons in the game. There's a code out there for extra money. You can have the codes to spawn different vehicles. You can even change the weather. Think about it. A flying car is cool, but imagine the possibilities and level of debauchery you could cause with codes that, say, control your wanted level, or your health. Fine! if you want to be stubborn, fine! You'll get what you want. Read on for the most useless cheat code in the game. Read below for the "GTA 3" how to fly a car cheat for the PC. You are no fun, what so ever.
  2. How to fly your car. Similar to the much better codes in the game, there are two ways to enter this code. You can either type the code in during game play, or press "ESC" and plug the code in at the menu screen. Either way, simply type in "chittychittybb". You'll know the code worked because you'll see "Cheat Activated" appear on the screen. Great, now you can fly cars. Forget about the weapons and ammo and health cheats. No, don't ask now, you didn't want them.
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