GTA 3: How To Fly A Car Cheat

Have you seen the viral videos and want to know the "GTA 3: how to fly a car cheat"? Since there are three gaming systems that offer GTA 3 there are three different cheats for GTA 3: how to fly a car. Instead of having to go to three different pages on a website to find GTA 3: how to fly a car cheats for the computer, Playstation 2, and Xbox you can now view them on one web page. Before telling you the how to fly a car cheat for GTA 3 you should know that if you are trying to do this cheat on the Xbox 360 it is the same cheat as the one for the Xbox. 

  1. PC: Type "chittychittybb" fast and a message will pop saying cheat entered.
  2. Playstation 2: While playing the game enter "Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1". If the cheat code is enter correctly a message will appear.
  3. Xbox: While playing the game enter "Right, Black, B, R, White, Down, L, R." On the Xbox 360 the black button is rb and the white button is lb.


  • Do not plan on having any control of the car. Think about the car as a plane without wings the car will be impossible to control. The best way to have some control is to be easy on the gas and release the gas when you need to turn. Landing the car however is easy just release the gas and the car will gently land on the ground.



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