GTA 3: How To Pick Up Girls

Need tips for GTA 3: How to pick up girls? In GTA 3 learning how to pick up girls is just one more of a countless number of odd activities you can engage when you play the game. No, picking up girls is not a necessary function in order to beat the game, but you may find that it is a fun distraction. As you play with the games main character, Tommy Vercetti, there may come a time when he needs a little extra boost of energy. This is when you pull over and pick up one of the many escorts who walk the street.

  1. You need a decent car. You do not have to steal one of the games high profile cars to pick up girls in GTA 3, but you still need one that is in relatively good shape. It should not be beat up to poorly, Busted windows and blown out tires sometimes prevent girls from getting in the car. Women will also not get in an ambulance or taxi. Of course, as you know, finding cars in GTA 3 is a cinch, so this should not really be a major deal breaker.
  2. Look for one of the games women of night. You cannot just pull up and pick up any girl in GTA 3, you have to pick a working woman; in essence, she is a prostitute for hire. You can spot these women by the clothes they wear; they are dressed as you would envision a typical prostitute to be dressed.
  3. Honk your horn. When you spot a hooker, pull up in front of her. You may need to get her attention. You can do this buy honking your horn. Take note that you have to give her some time; but she will eventually get in the car. Also, note that you cannot pick up girls in GTA 3 if there are police present or if the cops are pursuing you. The girls simply will not get in your car.
  4. Take her some place discreet. Of course, in GTA 3, you cannot just pick up girls and not do anything with them. Drive the car to some place hidden. It can be behind a garage, a bush, back at your hideout, anywhere; make sure you do not get out of the car, if you do, she will also get out. After a few seconds, the car will start to rock as the woman is giving you your moneys worth.
  5. Run her over. The girl that you pick up in GTA 3 is going to charge you money. This is really no big deal; you can always get back from her. After she is finished and gets out of your car, simply run her over and pick up all the cash. You may even make a.
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