GTA 4 Cars

"GTA 4" cars are a varied bunch. There are racers, regular sedans, police vehicles, and even the odd ice cream truck. Some of the cars, though, simply stand head and should above the others. These cars may be a bit faster, a bit tougher, or simply a bit more fun to drive. Regardless, the ten "GTA 4" cars listed below are amongst the best. 

  1. The Turismo. Of all the "GTA 4" cars available, the Turismo is the easiest to get. All it takes is going to the Grotti Automobile showroom near Perseus to find one, and it can be fairly easily driven away. The vehicle itself is fast and stylish, perfect for a car based on a Ferrari.
  2. Cutlass. This car is a pretty blatant Cutlass clone, and drives as you would expect. They can be found throughout the game world, making it a perfect car to boost after an assault. There are a fair number of variants on this vehicle, so look around a bit.
  3. Sentinel. This German car is more or less a BMW M3. It makes for a great getaway vehicle, and is a bit more common than some of the more expensive race vehicles.  Grabbing a Sentinel is relatively easy in any affluent area of the game.
  4. FIB Enforcer. This is the equivalent to a tank in the main "GTA IV" game, and the most durable of cars available. This is the perfect car for trying to keep your wanted score up, though the tires seem to blow easily. It is also available in a NOOSE variant.
  5. Congnoscenti. A mobster's vehicle of choice, you will find it quite often in Guernsey. Great handling and great speed for a sedan, and it is fairly durable. It makes for a decent late-game car during the main story.
  6. Dillettante. Some cars in the game are timeless, but this one is very much a car of the present. Based on a Prius, it fulfills every hybrid car trope you may imagine. Easy to find in Dukes, but do not expect great speed out of this one.
  7. Patriot. This car is quite obviously a Hummer. It is also quite obviously useful to plow through other cars. Just be careful – it tends to roll over.
  8. Banshee. The ultimate drive-by car in the game. This Dodge Viper wannabe is the perfect "GTA IV" vehicle:  fast, great handling, and just durable enough to survive a highspeed crash.  You will tend to find these around Middle Park.
  9. Comet. It is a shame these only tend to show up in near Burger Shot, as iti s likely the best car in the game. Of course, it is based on a Porsche 911, so it is hard to expect less. This car can be spawned via cheat codes, if you know where to look.
  10. The Bus. Okay, it's quite slow.  It is almost no fun to drive. But it is more or less invincible, so it is great for starting a long, long chase. You will give up out of boredom before the bus explodes.
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